The Most Powerful Indians in 2017 by ‘The Indian Express’

By The Indian Express

66. Subhash Chandra, 66
Member, Rajya Sabha
(Rank 2016: 92)

His Zee News network shapes the nationalist narrative on issues like stone-pelting in Kashmir or protests in JNU, almost always aggressively toeing the BJP line.

Power Punch
He won the Rajya Sabha poll as a BJP-backed Independent from Haryana, by outmanoeuvering Cong-INLD nominee R K Anand in a controversial election.

What Next
Chandra would want to win a Lok Sabha election from Haryana as rebuke to former Kurukshetra MP Navind Jindal, with whom he is engaged in a bitter litigation.

By the way
Loves eating boondi mixed with bhujia.


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Dr. Subhash Chandra